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The leading zero-knowledge proof project in the web3 sector aims to eliminate barriers that hinder the mass adoption of blockchain technology.




A ZK-based Fusion Platform allows developers to build Web3 applications while benefitting our fusion model seamlessly.

Shadow execution layer

An environment for off-chain contracts to live and process transactions that interact with those contracts.


A virtual machine that can execute code written in general-purpose programming languages. zkProof will automatically be generated along with code execution and be posted to L1/L2 chains for verification.

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ZKCross is developing a fusion platform using cutting-edge technology. This platform includes a shadow execution layer and zkWasm to facilitate on-chain and off-chain interaction using Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP). Developers can easily and quickly build applications using the Fusion SDK and other developer components.

Fusion SDK

The fusion SDK provides easy-to-use APIs for developers to build hybrid applications and contracts. Developers can easily access on-chain accounts and states and sync messages with each other or on-chain smart contracts.

Shadow execution layer

The shadow execution layer is an environment for off-chain hybrid applications/contracts to live and process transactions that interact with those applications/contracts.

State Aggregator

The aggregator is a universal firmware that synchronizes and rollup states between off-chains and smart contracts on different blockchains. It can be used as an off-chain/multichain trust communication framework.


The Hybrid contract framework's on-chain component can be utilised by smart contracts to access off-chain computation and resources. This integration includes a built-in zkProof verification mechanism that simplifies the complex task of verifying off-chain activities.

Use Cases

The most secure shadow execution layer


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